As a responsible and enterprising businessman, you have your own online store based on the e-commerce platform you like. Over time, you filled the store with the necessary product data, you already have many customers and even several suppliers, and here you saw that updating prices and availability takes you time, and all existing modules for mass updating are not suitable for you according for many reasons.

We are able to help you. Our platform allows bulk updates of prices, availability and location from suppliers. You can also update individual products manually. An additional features of our platform is the cross-reference searching of auto parts analogues and the display of the result found spare parts. Also, you can add products directly to the customer's cart, which will simplify the time to find the right part for your customer and your customer will be forced to use your store.

  • Fast registration- not need wait long registration process. Just enter your email address and press button CREATE ACCOUNT, after which you will receive a password on your email box.
  • Without limitation in number e-shops- after registration you will have possible make connection with any your existing e-shop. Also you get credit on 14 days for use platform
  • Easy tariff plans - FULL FREE for verified e-shops created with help service SHOP-INTERGATOR, for other e-shops the cost is 15 EUR/month that included functionality : update prices/stock, crossreference searching and function to adding product in cart client