About service "REGNUM service"

  • Fast registration - not need wait long registration process
  • Free test period - after registration you will have possible test any service
  • No monthly subscription - you will pay only for successful requests. Easy tariff plans
  • All services in one place - Checking status requests, export of log-requests, extend use service and etc in one ControlPanel
  • Easy API - easy REST API, one secure tocken for all services

Working with REGNUM service

Common description

API point

We use server (or several servers) that providing REGNUM service. Call request can make on any URL point active server (using same request parameters for any from servers)

You can see list URL our servers after logged in ControlPanel where need open API page

Client indentification data

Each client use own indentification data : id, seccode. Which can see in Control panel

login in ControlPanel for see your data

Info necessary service

For indentification necessary country need use parameter "nameservice" with right name service. Parameter "regnum" use necessary number license plate

login in ControlPanel for see list active REGNUM services

Get result in necessary format

We providing answer result in XML or JSON formats. By default is JSON format. In case get result in necessary format need use parameter "contenttype".

Possible values are :

Sample generate GET URL reguest


Processing answer from REGNUM service

Header description

Common description

Possible values for tag "status"

status = 200 - request was successful processed for registered client and can included info of car that was decoded

status = 401 - client not found. Wrong id and/or seccode in request

status = 402 - Request was not processed as client have zero balance

status = 403 - Client is found, but using temp status. Need wait confirmation client account

status = 404 - REGNUM was not decoded

status = 503 - REGNUM service not active (at moment is maintenance mode for REGNUM service). In some time you can try again request

Parameters decoded vehicle that included (or can will available in answer) in tag "data" => "datacar"

ktype - ktype/typ_id - vehicle value

shortNameCar - short name vehicle

modID - ID model

manID - ID manufacturer

manufCar - name manufacturer

modelCar - name model

typeCar - type car

typeFromYearCar - manufacturing from year, YYYYMM

typeToYearCar - manufacturing to year, YYYYMM

bodyCar - body type

ccmCar - ccm engine

kwCar - kw engine

hpCar - HP engine

listEngines - list engines

valvesEngine - count valves in engine

cylindersEngine - count cilynders in engine

typeEngine - type engine

descEngine - additional info about engine

brakeSystem - brake system

brakeType - brake type

catalystSystem - catalyst system

fuelSuply - fuel suply

fuelSystem - fuel system

transmissionType - transmission type

driveType - drive type

widthCar - width vehicle

heightCar - height vehicle

lengthCar - length vehicle

doorsCar - count doors in car

co2RatingCar - co2 rating

colour - name colour

colourCode - code colour

tyresCar - size tyres

dateOfFirstRegistration - date of first registration car

dateOfLastRegistration - date of last registration car

vin - VIN number

Sample answer successful decoded REGNUM in JSON format

  "data": {
    "datacar": [
        "vin": "KMHVA31JPPU******",
        "hpCar": "72",
        "ktype": 4550,
        "kwCar": "53",
        "manID": 183,
        "modID": 1296,
        "ccmCar": "1468",
        "colour": "BLANC",
        "bodyCar": "3/5 portes",
        "typeCar": "1.5",
        "doorsCar": "5",
        "manufCar": "HYUNDAI",
        "modelCar": "PONY (X-2)",
        "tyresCar": "",
        "widthCar": "160",
        "brakeType": "Disques / tambour",
        "driveType": "Traction avant",
        "fuelSuply": "Injection dans le collecteur d'admission/Carburateur",
        "heightCar": "0",
        "lengthCar": "410",
        "colourCode": "",
        "descEngine": "1636",
        "fuelSystem": "Essence",
        "typeEngine": "Essence",
        "brakeSystem": "hydraulique",
        "listEngines": "G15B;G4DJ",
        "co2RatingCar": "182",
        "shortNameCar": "HYUNDAI PONY (X-2) 1.5",
        "valvesEngine": "8",
        "typeToYearCar": "199501",
        "catalystSystem": "avec catalyseur réglé",
        "cylindersEngine": "4",
        "typeFromYearCar": "198910",
        "transmissionType": "MECANIQUE",
        "dateOfLastRegistration": "20171009",
        "dateOfFirstRegistration": ""
  "status": 200,
  "statusText": "",
  "countFREERequests": 0

Sample answer successful decoded REGNUM in XML format

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <shortNameCar>HYUNDAI PONY (X-2) 1.5</shortNameCar>
                <modelCar>PONY (X-2)</modelCar>
                <bodyCar>3/5 portes</bodyCar>
                <brakeType>Disques / tambour</brakeType>
                <catalystSystem>avec catalyseur réglé</catalystSystem>
                <fuelSuply>Injection dans le collecteur d'admission/Carburateur</fuelSuply>
                <driveType>Traction avant</driveType>

Difference in processed requests

  • Common requests - all requests that was sent on web service. Logged only requests when balance client not equal to zero.
  • Decoded requests - requests with input RegNum for which was found info (Regnum was decoded).
  • Calculated requests - requests with RegNum that was decoded and this request has effect on client counter, as was first time decoded for client (next call same RegNum will not changing client counter).